Our precautions
Regarding the pandemic of COVID-19 announced by WHO all KATSU staff members are allowed to work only in a healthy condition. There are no cases of the disease to this date. All our workers lead a healthy lifestyle and practice meditation.
COVID-19 lifespan.
A virus is only a speck of protein. It couldn't live long without the carrier. According to the studies (source), COVID-19 lives no longer than 5-9 days without a carrier. 
Parcel transit time
Your parcel will come to you in 2 or 3 weeks. ​ Also, we use vacuum packing for our stones. 
Even if happens impossible and your parcel was infected, the virus will die while transit time. 
God level security.
Undoubtedly, while traveling your parcel will contact other people and things. You can totally avoid the risk of infection, if you postpone the moment of opening for 10-14 days after delivery, and quarantine the parcel. So simply cover it with thick textile or polythene, and then wash your hands with soap.