Tim Smith May 20, 2019

We absolutely love these— they are perfect for our Children's Portrait Studio! They took about 4 weeks to arrive in CA, USA, but well worth the wait. The kids love stacking them and sitting on them. It wasn't easy to estimate sizes; we bought the sizes below. You can reference the attached image for how they look. 1x 60cm 2x 50cm 2x 40cm I would say the 40cm is the smallest I would go for a floor cushion (for a small child) The 60cm is a great size for adults.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 15.52.53.png

jenhighman on Jun 1, 2019

I absolutely LOVE my 3 poufs! I ordered 2x60cm and 1x75cm. The communication was excellent - I received immediate responses every time I messaged Katsu. I put them in rooms with a lot of floor space for extra seating and I've just ordered one more!! They're GREAT!

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 18.11.30.png

jenhighman on Jun 1, 2019

A picture of the other 2 that I ordered.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 15.52.31.png

Beautifully made! They’re exactly as requested and described. Excellent communication and craftsmanship.


Melissa Foster Mar 17, 2019

The quality and craftsmanship is absolutely impeccable!!! The stones are like interactive works of art in my home.


lbdzn Mar 17, 2019

I love my stone floor pillows. They are exactly as described and are exactly what I asked for. They arrived in great condition in the time period that was promised. I would definitely purchase from Katsu again.


Cole, Amy Dec 27, 2018

LOVE the spotted addition to my rock pile! Thank you, Katsu. Beautifully, artfully made.


Katrin Tischler Feb 15, 2020

Passt perfekt zur Einrichtung und genau wie gewünscht. Könnte etwas fester/härter sein. Aber schönes Material und Muster.

Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 14.44.34.png

Roy on Nov 17, 2019

Looks Great!
Love them ❤️